The 3 Secret Tools That Should Be In Every Marketers Box-Of-Tricks

All businesses want is to sell their product or services, grow their brand, and bring in enough revenue to cover all staff salaries, other expenses, and further development. The fastest and most effective way of growing your business is through a brilliant marketing strategy. However, marketing is no longer just creating ads and brochures. The convenience of the internet means that marketing got a lot more complex. Now marketers need to be aware of SEO, ad-spend and more. There are also different types of marketing now, such as social media marketing, online marketing, and mobile marketing. Marketers need to be aware of the intricacies of all these different marketing types to create an overall strategy that meets the business’s needs.

In this article, we’ll be looking at what marketing entails and the three critical tools that marketers need in the bag of tricks to ensure they create compelling marketing content.

What Does Marketing Entail?

Marketing is the process of introducing and promoting your business and its products or services. This is a critical part of getting your business seen by potential clients. However, the term is quite broad, and sometimes it can be challenging to explain precisely what marketing is. Marketing also overlaps with many other business departments such as sales and advertising.

In the past, a single person (usually the owner or CEO) could run the entire marketing department. One person could make brochures or place ads in the newspaper or radio. Now, marketing has become more complex, and specialized skills are often required if you want your business to grow. There are so many different platforms available now that have great marketing potential, and businesses have to tap into all of these.

Marketers must do social media marketing to ensure the brand is well represented across all social platforms. They also have to monitor the target audience and gather more information on them to create better marketing content. Marketers also need to monitor the website and other online content to ensure it is adequately optimized for SEO. Marketers also need to consider online ads and ad-spend and see what ads can be created that will have the best ROI. Finally, marketers also have to develop different marketing campaigns, such as email campaigns, to communicate with consumers and reach out to new leads.

3 Tools That Marketers Don’t Even Know They Need

There are numerous tools that marketers use. They use keyword research tools, SEO optimization tools, content creation tools, and more. However, we’ve discovered three secretive tools that many marketers don’t even know they need.


Social media marketing is critical in this day and age. Where do you consumers spend most of their time online? That’s right, social media. Whether they’re catching up on Facebook or sharing images on Instagram, social media is a massive platform for marketers. However, managing multiple social media accounts and ensuring that they are active and relevant can be highly time-consuming. Jarvee is a social media management tool that automates many processes in the social media marketing process.

Jarvee is not to be confused with other social media tools like Hootsuite, which is a scheduler. Jarvee helps you automate engagement on your social media account. In other words, you can link your accounts and then set the tools for the interactions you want to automate, such as liking posts, following posts, etc. The options you choose to automate depend on the different platforms you use.

Jarvee can also easily be connected to your proxy. This means that you can create and manage multiple accounts and interact with them through the software without getting any IP bans.

Setting up accounts with Jarvee is as easy as importing linking your social media profiles to the program. You can also easily connect each account you add to a proxy by clicking the option. However, you will need to know how to set up proxies. Your proxy provider should be able to guide you through the process if you’ve never done it before.

Web Scraping Tools

Web scraping tools are valuable for many different business processes. Marketing is another one. Using web scraping tools lets you easily monitor your competitors and see what marketing strategies are working for them. You can also use web scraping to monitor your brand reach and sentiment. You can see what your consumers think about your products, where they think the brand can improve, and more.

Using web scraping tools like ParseHub, ScrapeBox, and Screamingfrog, you can easily collect, analyze and systemize data to improve your current marketing strategies. Your marketing team can collect all the information they need to improve the marketing strategy and find new leads by using web scraping.

Mail Merge Technology

Email marketing is still one of the highest valued marketing tools available. Email marketing also offers the highest ROI of all the different marketing strategies. It takes little financial investment for significant rewards. You can create personalized email campaigns that address the consumer by name using mail merge technology. Mail merge can also add these details automatically to an email, so you don’t have to copy and paste the email hundreds of times to send it to your entire mailing list.

Final Thoughts

There are many valuable tools for the modern-day marketer. As technology and the skills and needs of these marketers change, tools are being developed to make different areas of marketing. This gives rise to valuable tools like Jarvee, web scraping, and mail merge technology.

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The 3 Secret Tools That Should Be In Every Marketers Box-Of-Tricks

Jinggo B Danuarta

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