Society Of Sloths, The Fastest-Growing NFTs Providing Value

New York City, United States, Feb. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Society of Sloths (S.O.S) is a fast-paced, growing brand with a collection of 10,000 limited Sloth NFTs. S.O.S was founded to become a globally recognized NFT community with a clear vision of creating a distinctive brand image and contributing to goal-oriented growth. This NFT might be the next “Bored Ape Yacht Club,” but even better by providing more rewards to holders.

The team behind this project has spent a lot of time making a detailed roadmap that surpasses any other NFT projects. Besides that, the objectives for the project are strategically developed to benefit members from the presale to the post-launch.

The team rewards the early Society of Sloths members by allowing them to purchase a Sloth at a reduced price. Interested buyers can do so by joining the Discord channel. All 10,000 artwork will only be revealed to the open public market on the launching day. Presale members will also enjoy the benefit of free merchandise such as an exclusive Sloth Hoodie, lifetime discount and future utilities. Society of Sloths will transparently showcase every milestone in the Discord channel.

They are also working with some of the best marketing agencies and collaborating with major brands to ensure rapidly increase awareness towards the Society of Sloths brand and NFTs. Through utilizing social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit and Tik Tok, the team plans to promote the brand before the big 10,000 Society of Sloths NFT is launched. Search engine optimizations (SEO) will also be implemented to rank the website to the top positions in Google.

“Transparency and open communication is embedded into our corporate responsibility,” said a spokesperson of the Society of Sloths. “Each month, the online and offline marketing campaign reports will be published on our website. We are also the first NFT brand that will communicate with members one to one via Zoom. Each presale Sloth member can select a date and time through the online appointment system and speak directly to the team.”

Even after post-launch, the marketing campaigns continue, and every Society member will have their NFT promoted through organic and paid marketing methods. Priority is provided to presale members. Some offline marketing will be done by having billboard campaigns in major cities such as London, New York, Paris, Singapore, and Dubai. Presale holders will also earn 80% of the profit divided equally from all merchandise sales every quarter.

For buyers that are interested in this project, the project will be launched on 19/03/2022 at the OpenSea website.

About Society Of Sloths

Society of Sloths is a fast-paced growing brand with a collection of 10,000 limited Sloth NFTs.It is an NFT project based on complete open communication and transparency with members including publicly listed monthly reports, 1 on 1 call meetings with the team, monthly video Q&A’s with the creators/founders, most detailed roadmap compared to other NFT projects.


Jinggo B Danuarta

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