Marketing Strategies to Increase Referrals

A business referral is when somebody in your network endorses your business to a new prospect. This process takes place instinctively during organic conversation or as a result of referral marketing efforts. Trust factor plays a key role in increasing referrals.

For example, a referral may come from an influencer’s Facebook commendation, through authenticated word-of-mouth, or via a telephone call. For this reason, referral marketing undermines additional marketing campaigns in numerous ways.

Providing a great customer experience results in word-of-mouth referrals that ultimately provide higher ROI from the company’s network. Also, a referrer provides a vote of confidence by making the endorsement, which is an influential part of social proof. The significant entities in this sphere of influence are existing clients, business acquaintances, and friends.

Let’s have a look at the marketing strategies to increase referrals.

Social media is an essential channel for increasing referrals, especially for e-commerce businesses. After providing an excellent service to a client, business owners should remind them to share their experiences on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn.

One can also use strategies like awarding each referral with a gift, sending individual discount codes, distributing giveaways, etc. Customers then can share the program on their Instagram profile in return for rewards.

As a company, there is a wide range of tools that can be used to do things like enhance imaging, and increase engagement on social media.

Inbound marketing is the procedure of helping probable consumers find your company. It is a strategy that uses numerous methods like pull marketing, content marketing, blogs, events, and search engine optimization for creating brand awareness. Inbound marketing emphases on visibility, to attract future clients. 

Inbound marketing provides content that is educational, and informative. It can give the best outcomes than traditional marketing that disturbs prospective buyers rather than giving them an open invitation to participate.

A robust inbound marketing platform lets consumers engage with your brand at any time. Detailed valuation and product reviews are right in their pocket, not to mention digital media’s influence on information sharing.

“Inbound marketing is so influential because you have the control to give the buyer exactly what answers they are looking for at the specific point that they need it. That builds trust and authority in whatever niche you are practicing this form of marketing in.”

– Joshua Gill, Inbound Marketing Consultant     

Content marketing is the method of planning, creating, and publishing content by using platforms like social media, blogs, websites, press releases, and print media. The objective is to reach the target audience and increase sales, engagement, and loyalty. Content marketing informs the potential buyers about the goods and services that finally result in enhancing conversions. It also builds an association with clients and businesses by increasing trustworthiness.

SEO is search engine optimization. It is the practice of enchanting phases to benefit a piece of content rank higher on Google. SEO includes organic ranking which means a customer does not have to pay to be in that space. Search engine optimization means collecting a part of online content and enhancing it so search engines like Google show it at the top of the page when someone searches for a particular topic.

Outbound marketing reaches customers through general media marketing and also through in-person contact. The process involves TV advertising, face-to-face meetings, and cold-calling or blanket emails. Leads are produced and then followed by internal sales associates in outbound marketing.

 Final Words

This article has given us a thorough idea about major marketing strategies to increase referrals. We can also get a broad view of the importance of referrals in enhancing brand awareness and especially in generating leads in businesses.

Organizations will surely get benefits of social media, content, inbound, outbound, and SEO marketing strategies in pushing sales and reaching prospects within a short time and with a minimum budget.

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Marketing Strategies to Increase Referrals

Jinggo B Danuarta

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