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3. Using AI content-writing tools

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Copy AI’s content writing tool

Other writers may call me a ‘traitor’ for including this trend in our list, but it’s here for good reason…

Content marketing plays a huge part in the success of any business’ advertising strategy, and on average content marketers spend around 33 hours (82% of their working week) on content creation.

Imagine freeing up their time to focus on other aspects of marketing that will increase ROI? Or saving on the cost of hiring a team of copywriters?

Well, by using AI content-writing tools, you can. Not only does using machine-learning technology save you tons of time by creating marketing content in just thirty seconds. It will also greatly increase output, as it can churn out copy twice as fast as its human counterparts.

You need someone to double-check the AI’s work (even machines aren’t perfect right?) but after that, your content is good to go.

What does an AI content writing tool ‘think’ about AI content writing?

We asked CopyAI’s machine technology to write an intro about AI content writing tools and this is what the programme came up with…

“If you’re a marketer, you’re probably familiar with the maxim that content is king.

“With so much content out there, however, it can be hard to keep up—even if you have a team of writers working for you.

“If your goal is to produce content that attracts and retains customers, it may be time to consider AI-powered writing services.”

Impressive, right?

The rise of AI content writing

More and more marketing departments are using AI writing tools to save themselves time when it comes to content marketing, particularly when other areas, such as the challenge of processing first-party data, need more immediate attention.

A firm believer in this trend is Naeem Alvi-Assinder, an award-winning brand strategist and founder of branding and ad agency Notepad, he says:

“In an era defined by the content brands write, AI technology is being leveraged to create, optimise and personalise content from scratch, in a matter of minutes.

“Content can now be written faster and at a larger scale than before, with AI being able to produce original content from a series of simple prompts and directions. Not only can content cover more search-related fields, but it can also be more relevant to those search queries, with AI content writing tools enabling that to happen.

“While content will always benefit from the human touch and our ability to weave emotion into writing should never be underestimated, the ability of AI content writing tools to produce content faster than we could ever dream of is of equal remark.”

Digital Marketing Trends 2022

Jinggo B Danuarta

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