Bynder to Offer Content Management Solutions With GatherContent Acquisition

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Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform Bynder, headquartered in Amsterdam, announced the acquisition of UK-based GatherContent in a press release on March 3, 2022. Post-merge, Bynder has approximately 500 employees globally.

Alice Deer, CEO and co-founder of GatherContent, will take charge of strategy for increasing content operations in her new role as GatherContent General Manager, while Angus Edwardson, GatherContent co-founder, will lead product innovation as Technical Director. 

Bob Hickey, CEO of Bynder, told CMSWire that the benefits to Bynder and its clients were instantly obvious with GatherContent.

“When we’re looking to make an acquisition, the priority is what benefit it can bring to our customers and how it can solve the challenges they face,” said Hickey. “Marketing teams now are tasked with creating and assembling ever-increasing volumes and varieties of text and creative content to support omnichannel consumer buying journeys. Often, however, the process of content creation is time-consuming and inefficient.”

With GatherContent, Bynder users will have access to more efficient and repeatable content creation, approval and distribution, as well as the integration of text and digital assets.

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Bynder Taps Into Content Management 

While Bynder has established itself as an all-in-one source for creative assets, the development of text-based content has traditionally been handled through a number of alternative systems. Content is kept in multiple locations, features lots of duplication, is often unstructured and doesn’t provide any indication on whether the content is authorized. This, however, is changing.

GatherContent allows content creators to collaborate during the editorial process, letting teams generate text, integrate digital assets like graphics and video and set up procedures to approve material for customer-facing channels. 

“In the near future, Bynder’s plan is to integrate GatherContent into the Bynder platform and offer it as an optional, separately-priced module to Bynder customers. GatherContent will remain available as a separate, standalone product as well,” Hickey explained CMSWire. 

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Bynder Plans to Expand Functionality

Previously, the DAM platform debuted its Dynamic Asset Transformation (DAT) capabilities, making it easier for marketers to meet their digital transformation and experience objectives. With DAT technology, organizations can develop responsive pictures tailored for websites and transformed on criteria such as width, height, file size or output format. The result is minimized load times, boosted SEO rankings and increased interaction. 

The platform also announced its Connector for Salesforce Marketing Clouds, allowing marketers to get campaigns up and running more quickly.

Combined, Bynder’s tools make it easier to automatically optimize any digital asset, freeing up time for marketers and, in turn, allowing them to devote more hours toward creating high-value visual storytelling.

Bynder’s future plans include investing in GatherContent to improve its functionality and expand its capabilities, including more sophisticated asset management, creative review and approval and interaction with other Bynder modules.

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