5 Marketing Tips For 2022

By Momo Bertrand 

Marketing is constantly evolving. Ten years ago, you would have been called “crazy” if you predicted that most events would take place online or that billions of dollars of virtual property would be sold in the metaverse. As the pace of change accelerates, here are five digital marketing trends you should watch in 2022.

1- Online events are revamped

As of this writing, the COVID pandemic is still disrupting travel across the globe. Millions remain stuck at home. If this situation continues in 2022, organizations will have to review their approaches to engaging audiences through events. Concretely, this will mean finding innovative ways to overcome Zoom fatigue and connect more meaningfully with hybrid/online event participants. 

Ideas for action:

  • Consider data-light event apps for regions with low connectivity.
  • Explore interactive event tools like Kahoot. 
  • Check out this article for tips on organizing virtual events.
  • Adopt flipped event approaches where participants engage with content before meetings, while live sessions focus on interaction and conversation. 
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2- Video still leads 

In 2021, social video platform TikTok crossed 1 billion users. Khaby Lame, a Senegalese-born TikToker, went from zero to over 100 million followers in less than two years. As internet access and 5G spread globally in 2022, video will likely continue to grow in importance. In fact, CISCO estimates that about 79% of all mobile traffic will be video by 2022, up from 59% in 2017. 

Ideas for action:

  • Tailor videos to each platform. For example, use short and funny videos on TikTok and musical ones for Instagram reels. 
  • Create videos natively in TikTok and Instagram for greater reach. 
  • Explore LinkedIn live videos. 
  • Use SEO tools like Answer The Public to get original ideas for your videos. 
  • Post the best segments of your webinar/event recordings on social media platforms. 

3. The metaverse gets real 

The metaverse has been around since the 1990s. However, the term took on a life of its own when Mark Zuckerberg shared Meta’s vision for what could be the internet of the future. The very idea of a virtual three-dimensional universe where people can work, learn, and play is fascinating.

Building upon existing technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, and online gaming, the metaverse will create new opportunities and obstacles for marketers we can’t even fathom at this moment. If the enthusiasm around everything metaverse is sustained in 2022, marketers will have to consider meta-promotion strategies.

Ideas for action:

  • Test various metaverse solutions.
  • Start experimenting with virtual reality through free tools like Google Earth VR.
  • Learn about virtual reality here.  
  • Explore partnerships with metaverse pioneers. 

4. Mobile-first experiences

When I recently travelled back to Cameroon for holidays, I was surprised to see many young people my age who never used computers. As one younger friend noted, “I watch movies, shop, play games, and even write my school papers on my phone. No need for a PC.” In 2022, the importance of phones and wearables in marketing will likely continue to grow. 

Ideas for action: 

  • Adopt a mobile-first approach to designing websites and organizing events. 
  • Test the readability of your communication materials on smaller phone screens. 
  • Explore lite versions of your app for emerging markets. 

5. Influencers matter more

The UN’s Labour Agency, ILO, launched a global challenge to help end child labour in mid-2021. Influencers and celebrities were contacted with a simple ask: to post a picture of themselves as kids, and add a message about preserving kids’ childhood. Hundreds joined the challenge, including global celebs like Samuel Eto’o, greatly amplifying the ILO’s message. 

It is no longer news: many influencers reach more people in a single tweet than major organizations reach in a week. In 2022, as social networks continue to grow, influencers will play an even more important role in the world of communication and marketing.

Ideas for action: 

  • Include a strategy for influencer engagement in your communication plans.
  • Do not just involve mega influencers with millions of followers: target up-and-coming influencers with as little as 5,000 followers, too. These micro-influencers are often easier to reach. 

5 Marketing Tips For 2022

Jinggo B Danuarta

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